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"PrepToon offered a new way to engage students in problem solving. Seeing the problems presented visually helped the students to better understand how to approach the problem. The videos are colorful, lively, and present real-life problems. This approach appeals to students, takes away the boredom, and helps students experience success in problem-solving."

Bonnie Cantlon

Resource Teacher, Our Lady of Gaudalupe Parish, Fremont

"Tasha started enjoying Math more as the burden of multiple questions workload got evaporated. She used to think math is all about practicing similar questions over and over again but PrepToon changed her perspective and behavior that math is fun as one question (from PrepToon) provides enough brain work and satisfaction. This is really attesting to the model Quality vs. Quantity."

Yoonjung Lera

Parent of a 5th Grader

"I started using PrepToon animations with my sixth grade students and at first it was just fun for them. They enjoyed the animations and it gave them a real-world situations to relate to. Then my students started referring back to these animations as we did other math lessons. This has greatly helped the understanding of concepts and offers a great start to math conversation."

Diane Shambley

6th Grade Teacher, Fresno Unified School District